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8 Proven Secrets to Ace a Multiple-choice Test

Take your tests confidently using these seven proven tips to earn better grades in multiple-choice exams.

You'll no doubt meet multiple-choice tests or exams at some point in your studies. It may seem simple to pick the correct answer out of four or five choices in theory. But the reality is different. We all understand that the best way to ace any test is to read, attend classes, stay disciplined, and follow instructions. But no one is perfect, and meeting all these requirements can be extremely difficult.

That's why students need extra tips to pass their multiple-choice tests. Luckily, that's what this blog is here to share with you today. We have put together expert-vetted hacks for getting the most out of your multiple-choice exams regardless of whether you're taking driving, college, or job tests. When you can't decide between "A," "B," "C," and "D," use these eight tips to land an A grade.

  1. Read the Questions Carefully
  2. While it's true that the clock is ticking and you got to finish in time, make sure you carefully read and understand each question. This will truly save your time because it will help you pick the correct answers. Make sure to pay attention to sensitive word clues like "except," "not," "always," "never," and the likes.

    Many students pick the wrong answers because of missing these words. Don't be a victim. And when you find such worlds, understand what they need. For example, an answer to a question with the word "always" should be irrefutable. That means, if you bump into a counterexample, it's obviously wrong.

  3. Skip Complicated Questions and Solve Them Later
  4. Remember that time isn't waiting for you. Therefore, avoid spending too much time on one question that appears too challenging to solve. Instead, answer questions you're sure about and return to them later. The advantage of answering easier questions first is that they may sometimes give you an insight into the more challenging ones that you skipped.

    Remember to mark all questions you skipped, so you don't forget them again while going over your paper for the second time. Likewise, always be alert while answering easier questions because you may get a hint to answering the other questions you skipped.

  5. Apply the Process of Elimination
  6. Use the logic rule to strike out all answers that are obviously wrong. But before you do this, think about the answer before reading out the options. Then, use your chosen answer as a yardstick to measure each of the options and remove all straightforwardly wrong solutions.

    Wrong answers may include statements that are true but irrelevant, correct but extreme (includes details that exaggerate the real answer), or only valid in part (the answer is excellent except for one wrong point). We advise students to conduct the elimination process in two stages. The first stage will leave you with two last options, and the second will help you find the correct answer.

  7. Read Every Answer Option
  8. While this may sound like a no-brainer, it's actually the most important thing you should do. Most multiple-choice questions have very close options that can be confusing to decide. If you run over your test with haste, you'll assume that you know the correct answer and perhaps settle for the wrong one that only resembles the true answer. Therefore, reason out each option in a bid to ensure that you only pick the right one as your final answer.

  9. Manage Your Time
  10. Time is part of the test as you always have to complete all the work within the deadline. That means you have to organize yourself properly to use the available time correctly. You can have a strategy where you divide the questions into groups and decide to complete each group of questions within a specific period. For example, you may say that you want to solve each question within 3 minutes.

    When you finish with a given group, check your time to see if you're indeed sticking to the time plan. If you notice you're slow, you know you should increase your speed to catch up. This is normal. Meanwhile, avoid checking time after each question as this will only waste more of your time. Plus, don't be hasty but fast and confident when time seems to tick faster than usual. But when the time is too tight to manage, we advise you to go for help from experienced exam doers online. They understand how to beat deadlines and have more experience and knowledge.

  11. Don't Skip Any Questions.
  12. Even after going over them for the second time, you may fail to get the correct answer for some of the questions. But that doesn't usually mean you may submit your paper with blank spaces. Some lecturers will punish you severely for this. For example, some tests will deduct two marks from an unanswered question, award two marks for each correctly answered question, and reward a zero for a wrongly answered question.

    If you can't seem to find the correct answer even after using the logic and elimination methods, it's time to make a good guess. You can pick a lucky letter and guess the question. It's important to understand that you always have a 25% chance of guessing the correct answer. And when you guess it right, you'll score the same marks.

  13. Ask for Assistance
  14. Sometimes all you need to ace your tests is help from professionals. This can happen if you're very busy or ailing, struggling with a tight schedule, striving to fill the gaps in your knowledge, and more. Luckily, there are many experts who are ready to help you solve the questions flawlessly.

    You can find an expert in any field, including statistics, mathematics, law, medicine, finance, biology, you name it. There are also many professionals offering nursing help live online. Don't hesitate to reach out to them for much-needed assistance.

  15. Revise Your Work
  16. Check your answer sheet to confirm if you answered all the questions and never made any mistakes that can take away marks. For example, be sure you have filled the correct answer spaces with the right choices you intended. Otherwise, you may end up submitting your paper with a domino effect.

    You can always avoid this early by transferring all your answers to the answer sheet at the same time after making a rough answer sheet. Also, delete all stray marks on the paper to give the grader an easy time while marking your work. Ensure that your marks are also properly darkened to avoid any doubts.

The Bottom Line

There's no doubt these eight tips will help you get the most out of your multiple-choice tests. Plus, you may just decide to seek assistance if you're too busy or unable to handle the tests on your own. Some experts can offer help in every field online, like nursing, biology, and finance help. Use these tips to ensure that you end up with nothing but the best grades.

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