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Our Terms of Use

Learn about our terms of use to understand the company’s likes and dislikes so that you strictly operate within the acceptable set of rules. Read the terms carefully to avoid bumping into trouble with the organization.

Terms of Use

Welcome to our Terms of Use page for a glimpse of the most important rules that govern your use of the website. Please read the terms of use carefully before using our live exam assistance services.

When you start using our services, you agree, on behalf of yourself and anyone else who accesses our services via your account, to be bound by the terms of use herein.

Your Details

You need to share some details with us before accessing some of our services. In sharing the details, we call upon you to provide us with the latest and most accurate information about yourself. Failure to give us accurate information may lead to issues like termination of service because it constitutes a breach of the terms of service.

Please note that you need to keep sensitive information to yourself, and not share it with any other party unless you feel it's a safe move. We assure the safety of information shared with us, and you can read about it on the Privacy Policy page.

Use of Third-Party Sites

Our website, liveexamhelper.com, may contain links to other websites that are not owned or controlled by us. If you choose to visit these websites, it’s important to understand that you are no longer trading with us but with them during this time. Kindly take note that we do not warrant any offerings on these websites, neither are we in control of any service offered on the respective platforms.

Therefore, Live Exam Helper cannot assume responsibility for losses, content, terms & conditions, privacy, or any other service or product offered by them. In this case, we urge you to pore over the privacy policy, terms of use, payment terms, and other usage rules laid by the respective websites keenly to understand how they work.

Applicable Law

These terms of use and any sort of dispute that might spring between you and Live Exam Helper are governed and protected by the applicable rule of law. Our failure to enforce any section of these rules does not automatically imply that we have lost the rights; neither does it indicate a waiver of the rights.

If the court declares any section of these Terms of Service invalid or unacceptable, all the remaining ones will remain in force. These Terms constitute the whole range of agreements between our company and its users. Please note that the current terms of use overwrite any previous terms of use that we might have had before.


We reserve the right to modify, change, or delete any section of these terms of service at any time of our choice. Consequently, we urge you to keep an eye on them for the modifications to help you avoid running into any issues with us. Again, if any of the terms is deemed void by the law, it shall not affect the others.

Meanwhile, by continuing to use Live Exam Helper, you agree to the latest Terms of Use. It is safer to stop using the service if you do not agree to any revised Terms of Use.


Live Exam Helper prices all its services at the time of placing an order with the company. That is, we check the most suitable price for an exam/test immediately after clients share their order details. Consequently, quotes sent to customers reflect the latest price of the service. However, we might make mistakes in the process, and in this case, we urge clients to contact us with their complaints, which we promise to resolve immediately.

Contact Us for Any Issues

Kindly make good use of the following contact details to notify us of any complaints about these terms of use.

Email: info@liveexamhelper.com

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