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6 Tips to Prepare For an Exam on Advanced Math Topics.

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Mathematics as a subject has been around for quite some time now. At one time or the other, you have encountered mathematics within the course of your study. To a majority of the students, Mathis is a subject that challenges them. This is because learning mathematics takes a slightly different approach as compared to other subjects. Mathematics special symbols and vocabularies are used. This means for a student to excel, therefore; they have to not only understand the math concepts taught in class but also be in a position to apply the concept in an exam situation. Unlike other subjects, you cannot perform in math by cramming or watching others. You must sort out math problems to understand math. This means you must apply or use certain strategies that are effective to enable you to score well on a math test. To help you pass advanced math we have outlined six techniques that will help you better prepare for advanced math.

Attend math class without fail.

You should aim at attending your math class without fail. This helps you interact with your lecturer and seek help when needed. Math class act as a compass that offers direction on how to grasp new concepts is also important to note that most professors set in the exams content that they have taught or tackled in the classroom. Take note of the examples given in class by your professor since in most cases they tend to repeat the same in the exams. It is also paramount to understand the concept being taught in the said class. Therefore, be an active student in the math class and ensure to engage your tutor until you grasp and internalize the concept being taught. This ensures that you have not crammed the formula but you have conceptualized it and you can apply the same in an exam situation to earn maximum points in your test.

Find out your weakness and work on it.

No student is all round. There are aspects of math that are bound to be challenging to you. It is prudent to sit down, go through your course outline in advanced math and map out the areas that you struggle with. A course outline should be provided by your professor at the beginning of the advanced mathematics course. It outlines the topics that will be covered within the course of study. After identifying the units that are hard nuts to crack, list workable solutions that will help you in improving on the same. You also involve your tutor in helping you come up with ways how to go about the said subjects. This guarantees you a better grade when you finally undertake the advanced math exam.

Practice advanced math more regularly.

After identifying your weak areas, now comes the important part of working to perfect the weakness. Practice makes perfect and passing a math exam is no exception. You should do math-related problems every day to develop the skills needed to ace your math exam. Eventually, you will realize that you can answer advanced math questions more quickly and accurately while also developing your problem-solving abilities. Coming up with better revision techniques will also help in improving your skills. As you work on your weak areas, do not overlook your strong areas. Make it a habit to polish these areas once in a while too. This will give you more self-confidence, which ultimately will make it simpler for you to manage and effectively handle advanced math exams.

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Completing the assignment given.

An assignment given in a math class should be taken and handled seriously. The assignment should be used as a tool to test whether you understood the taught concept in class. This in turn helps you to better prepare for the future test or exams in advanced math. Assignments are usually framed in such a way that the first section deals with concepts in your book or those taught in class. You are supposed to be in a position to handle these without difficulties or even seeking help from elsewhere. The next set of questions may require you to apply whatever concept was taught more profoundly. This means that they are not directly from your course book. These may be a little bit challenging which is fine and hence help may be required. This help may be in the form of teaming up with your fellow course mate to brainstorm and come up with the solution to the said math problem. By completing assignments in time and doing them thoroughly you find that a majority of the questions in the math exam become easier since they are in most cases set from the assignments given.

Show your Math Procedures.

In an advanced math exam, always make sure that you have shown your work. It is also wise to write down the formula you have used in solving the question. For example, when solving a differential equation question say in calculus, it is important to note down the formula which is:

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and then go ahead to correctly use the formula. Most examiners are interested in learning how you came to your conclusion. This demonstrates that you comprehended the topic being taught and did not simply memorize it. You could receive bonus points for demonstrating your formula and the work. If the method is right but the answer is incorrect, you could still receive credit for using the formula correctly. Therefore, never write the answer only in a math test without showing the steps taken to arrive at the same.

Check for Mathematical errors.

In an advanced Math exam, a question may have more than one formula for getting the answer, hence it is always advisable to check the answer gotten for any errors. For example, when handling a question that requires a polynomial equation denoted by:

ax^n +bx^n-1+…. + gx+h=k.

Care should be taken when substituting the formula to make sure no errors occur. Since a slight error would lead to the wrong answer. To achieve correct results which are error-free, the entire process should be repeated step by step to rule out any chances of having done a mistake.


Passing in advanced math is achievable if more attention is paid to how you prepare for and handle the exam itself. It is also important to note that advanced math is a sequential subject where a concept learned in one topic comes in handy or forms the basis when handling another topic within the subject. It is therefore prudent to familiarize yourself with all concepts studied in advanced math they may come in handy.

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