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12 Tips to Improve Your Computer Science Grades.

Computer science is both a challenging and rewarding field to study. Challenging because it requires a lot of time and dedication to perform well in it and rewarding because once you complete your studies the fields you can venture into are enormous. To pass in computer science therefore you have to study not only hard but also very smart. Regardless of whether you enjoy the tech world or not, computer science will push you to the corner at one point or the other. This is because of the lots of new information that you have to learn each day and also remember as you move forward. This blog, therefore, aims at equipping you with twelve proven ways that will make your computer science classes more enjoyable and eventually translate into great grades.

Develop a positive attitude towards computer science.

Computer science is very challenging and can be discouraging and frustrating especially when you do not perform as expected or grasp concepts as fast as your peers. Attitude, therefore, is everything in a computer science class. Hard work is key but with the wrong attitude, even the simplest concepts in a computer science class will always seem like a tall order for you to achieve. At times you may perform dismally in a particular unit in the course of studying computer science. It is human nature therefore that you may resent some aspects of the course. You need not allow these negative thoughts or attitudes to overcrowd your judgment. Always look at the bigger picture which should always be excelling in your computer science exam, shun the negative attitude, and accept that you need to put in extra work to improve your grades. Though this may be difficult at first, with persistence and the right attitude some of the most complex concepts in computer science will become easier and translate to good grades in your computer science exams. It is therefore true to say that passing or failing in computer science starts in your mind.

Identify your weak areas in computer science and work on them.

Computer science has various subtopics. These may vary from the theory of computation to data and algorithms. It, therefore, goes without saying that as a student you are bound to face units that challenge you more than others. You should therefore come up with a study plan. This should be guided by how you have performed in the various units. The units that you have not performed well should be highlighted and worked on. When analyzing the performance, you can be guided by the questions like did you fail because of careless mistakes on your part, lack of the required knowledge, or was it a case of poor or no preparation? After identifying the major cause of performing poorly measures should be put in place. The units that you are weak in should be given more study time. If you have challenges in the technical units of computer science like programming and coding, you should practice more often to make sure that you horn your skills. This will help you in acing the next exam and hence performing better.

Always consult your computer science tutors.

After drafting your study plan which focuses on your weak areas, it is prudent to seek the assistance of the concerned course lecturer. The majority of the professors who teach computer science have a wealth of knowledge and experience since they have handled many students and helped them succeed by seeking their counsel, they can help you with tactics that once used can guarantee you good grades. Involving your teachers in making of your study you make them your friends. This breaks the ice between you and them and the concepts they teach start making more sense to you. At times your lecturer/s may be busy or engaged, this should not discourage you in your pursuit of performing well in computer science. You can also approach other lecturers in your computer science department and create a good rapport with them.

Pay more attention in your computer science class.

Attending computer science classes is an integral part of performing well in your exams. You should therefore aim at attending your computer classes at all times. Always make sure to arrive at the computer class 10 minutes before the lecture begins. Also, choose a convenient sitting place with little to no distractions most probably in the front row to have a clear picture of whatever the lecturer may be demonstrating. It is by attending the class that you interact with your lecturer and seek help when needed. The class session act as a compass that offers direction on how to grasp new concepts. It is also important to note that most professors set in the exam content that they have taught or tackled in their computer class. Take note of the examples given in class by your professor since in most cases they tend to repeat the same in the exams. It is also paramount to understand the concept being taught in the said class. Additionally, you need to be an active student in the computer class, especially in a practical session, and ensure to engage your tutor until you grasp and internalize the concept being taught. Attending a computer class also helps you know where to study since you can understand the computer science syllabus and identify the areas that you did not comprehend well and hence come up with a plan to work on the same.

Find the right study style that works well for you.

As a computer science student, you need to be flexible to employ various methods in your revision and preparation for the exam. For instance, when preparing for a practical exam in say coding the technique used should be different from the one used in studying for a database management exam. Technical or practical computer science exam scores should be taken to avoid making careless mistakes that may cost you important marks.

. List down the most effective techniques that you could use when studying a particular topic in computer science even before you start revising for the same. Going through or revising past computer science exam papers is also another technique you could employ to better equip yourself for computer science exams. This technique sets you apart from your peers since you can know beforehand the format and how the computer science questions are formulated. Therefore, you have enough time to practice how to answer the questions as expected by your professor. As you practice answering the computer science in the past papers, you should also time yourself to take the required time as if in the actual exam.

Start Your Revision for the computer science exam early enough.

The difference between a student who passes the computer science exam and the one that does not perform so well lies in the amount of time taken in preparing for the computer science exam It is therefore correct to say that nothing beats computer science exam preparedness like starting your revision and planning early. The majority of computer science students suffer from procrastination, where they tend to delay starting their revision citing flimsy excuses. This costs them good grades in the long run. With enough time to prepare for the test, all aspects of the computer science exam are looked at with clarity. You do not have to rush over things since you have enough time. Areas that are also challenging are identified early enough, a proper and workable solution is then developed on time. Last-minute cramming is stressful and highly ineffective. It is highly recommended that you fully comprehend the computer science unit you are handling from the early stages since this makes your revision much easier and more effective. Computer science units tend to be interdependent hence make sure to understand the entire course outline. Find out from your computer science department, the semester’s calendar, this will come in handy when knowing how long you have to prepare for your computer science exams and also projects.

Be organized in your study of computer science.

The organization is very important in a computer science student's study life. The organization ranges from the class notes to the nitty gritty of personal order in one life. Computer science requires full attention and hence the need to be organized. Your study place should be tidy and well organized. The books and any other study material should not be left unattended. Personal discipline is a great aspect that speaks a lot about organizational skills. For instance, study plans should be developed and followed to the latter. Regardless of whether you are tired or not a day in your study plan should not pass by without achieving what was meant for that day.

Proper utilization of your computer science study time.

To study computer science effectively, you should plan on how to utilize every minute of your day. To achieve this, you need to come up with a study plan. The first step in developing a study plan is by identifying your weak and strong computer science units.

This key step helps in effectively planning your study time. Weaker computer science units should be given more attention and hence should be given more study time while not forgetting the stronger units. The planning should also trickle down to how much time you will set aside to study each day. This help to ensure maximum utilization of your free time towards preparing for your computer science exams. In a day you can start by dividing your study days into parts i.e., one hour can be used to study for a unit you are good at in computer science than have half an hour break and use two hours studying for a unit that challenges you. A clock should help you in adhering to the set time frames. At first, this may prove hard to adhere to but in the long run, the results will be surprisingly effective.

The study time you set aside should also be around when you are most productive. People are active during different times of the day. Some are more alert during the morning hours while others are more active during the evening hours. It is important to find the time that you are most active. Use these times to revise for the computer science units you are weaker in hence giving them your all. The times that you are less productive for instance after lunch can be used to study the units you are strong in since they require less effort and most probably you enjoy reading them.

Develop your math skills.

Computer science borrows heavily from concepts taught in mathematics. It, therefore, goes without saying that developing your math skills can go a long way in helping boost your performance in computer science exams. You can take units in mathematics to help boost your skills in units like programming. Not all aspects are beneficial to you as a computer science student, it prudent to do some background research on the units you should consider taking that are related to computer science. You can also ask your tutors to guide you in the areas of math that you need to perfect

Complete the computer science Assignments Given.

Computer science assignments given in class should be taken and handled seriously. You should use the assignment as a tool to test whether you understood the taught concept in the computer science class. This in turn helps you to better prepare for the future computer science test or exams. Computer science homework's usually set in such a way that they deal with concepts in your book or those taught in a computer science class. Hence when solving them you are supposed to be in a position to handle the questions without difficulties or even seek help from elsewhere. A lecturer may also set computer science questions that would require you to apply whatever concept was taught more profoundly. This means that they are not directly from your computer science course book. These may be a little bit challenging which is fine and hence help may be required. This help may be in the form of teaming up with your fellow course mate to brainstorm and come up with the solution to the said problem. By completing computer science assignments in time and doing them thoroughly you find that a majority of the questions in your computer science exam become easier since they are in most cases set from the assignments given.

Form Study Groups with friends to help study computer science.

It is almost impossible for you to be correct in everything, especially in a demanding course like computer science. Hence study groups form an important aspect when effectively studying and trying for a computer science exam. Studying alone at times may be boring and hence highly ineffective. It may also lead to frequent burnout since you cannot study for 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It is therefore paramount that you join or have a group of friends whose goal and mission closely align with yours. Studying in groups brings value and quality to the quantity of the computer science concepts you have studied on your own. Your study partners help you to see computer science concepts in a different way as well as help in improving units that you may be weak in. Studying in groups also makes computer science more fun to study. For areas where all members have a problem or difficulty tackling, it is recommended that you seek guidance from your professor.

Get adequate rest, food, and sleep.

The most important aspect of you as a student is your health. It has alluded to that health is wealth. Therefore, as you revise for your computer science exams do not forget that your body is not a machine. Make sure to have enough sleep every night. Studying computer science can be demanding both emotionally and physically. The more you study without taking a rest the most prone you are exposed to burnout and hence your productivity is greatly hampered. It is wise to have rests within your study plan to replenish your energy. Nutrition is also an important aspect that you should consider as you study computer science. When your body is in the right state and you are healthy then you are in a better position to tackle a computer science exam.


In conclusion, computer science requires a lot of attention and therefore a student should be ready to give their all. As a student, you should also utilize the available resources within your disposal to help in performing well on a computer. With the above well-detailed guide computer science students should be able to ace their exams and perform extremely well.

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