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How To Become An Academic Perfectionist For The Best Grades

Regarding academic performance and revision, the brains play a major role in helping you attain the best grades. A sharp memory will remember more easily than a sluggish one.

It’s another thing to pass your exams successfully, but this will require much more on your part. When doing personal revision, the effort put forth is what will produce the best results. Test yourself thoroughly and try as many times as possible to retrieve a piece of information daily from your brain. However, it becomes even harder when you become overwhelmed with exams and can’t handle the paper properly.

Why Do Many Students Fail Exams?

Several reasons could trigger student failure in exams. They include:

Lack of Preparation

Many people are so good at waiting until the last minute. This could be problematic since the time that should’ve been used to relax or rest is now used to overwork the brain. Since most of these last-minute rushes are only based on cramming power and not a general understanding of the concept, a single twist of the question could lead to your ultimate exam failure. The trick here is to try and prepare at least two weeks before the exam and conceptualize yourself with the main content. Study a topic for a limited time and return to it at intervals.

Poor Memory

Your ability to remember will determine whether you’ll pass the exam. You might be worried about forgetting what you’ve learned between study sessions, but it takes effort to retrieve information when it starts to fade. This process strengthens the neural connections and helps secure information in the memory for much longer. This could be solved by improving your diet or even frequent practicing. Get the brain at work by indulging in activities that keep it alive, like yoga moves and regular workouts. One very outstanding practical step involves breaking down information into pieces that can be easily understood. For example;

When you try to memorize the following sequence,


If you treat this sequence as a string of unconnected characters, it’ll be difficult for the brain to process this information. But here’s an easier way to go about this.

Try grouping these characters into six meaningful chunks as;

321 NASA 789 BBC 444 ROFL

Therefore, to memorize complex information, look for patterns and then break it down into meaningful chunks.

Lack of Enough Sleep

Sleep should never be underestimated. It’s an easy win if you take some time off and rest for a while before the exams. While sleeping, your brain will most likely absorb new information previously temporarily stored in a place called the hippocampus. This information is then transferred to long-term storage called the cortex. When you wake up, the hippocampus is empty and ready to be filled again. Make your learning sessions meaningful not only during exams but also while performing other daily duties.

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This does not mean that being confident is bad, but the level at which you become very sure of the exam prediction that you don’t prepare for it is dangerous. Overconfidence might result in;

  • Ignoring small but crucial details.
  • Considering yourself superior to others.
  • Lack of adequate preparation.

However, there is a remedy to this problem as well. Try the following tips:

  1. Consider your abilities, which will then help you identify your limitations. This happens when you are honest with yourself.
  2. Test yourself with caution. Try working at intermediate levels, for instance, in areas you think you know better than others.
  3. Listen to what people say about your behavior. This might be one of the most important ways of lessening your overconfidence. Have a growth mindset.
  4. Differentiate between fantasies are reality. What you watch in movies is mostly fictional, so don’t live what you see on social media or in movies.

Lack of Interest

Many students experience this issue, especially with more complex topics. They might dislike the professor or even the subject itself. If you are uninterested in a certain subject, you won’t give it your all, meaning that you might miss out on the main concept leading to exam failure.

However, there are ways to solve this issue. To successfully pass your examinations and tests, examine yourself truthfully as to the subjects that seem hard to handle, then change your approach. It could be that you don’t like the subject because the professor is arrogant. How about seeking other alternatives like consulting an exam helper website? Our platform seeks to help students who find it challenging to handle some exam topics.

We offer help in:

  1. Statistics exam help
  2. Biology exam help
  3. Finance exam help
  4. Chemistry exam help
  5. Sociology exam help
  6. Accounting exam help
  7. Science exam help
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  9. Calculus exam help

These are only a few areas of specialization. In whichever subject you might need help with, don’t hesitate to contact our team of professional live exam helpers.

What Guarantees Success In An Online Exam?

For the record, online exams are far more convenient for people than in-person exams. You get to schedule when you’ll have the exam at a time and place convenient for you. You also relax because people like introverts prefer quiet places so that public places could seem uncomfortable for them.

Others feel anxious during the last hour of the exam and might even experience tantrums. This is a common reaction, especially among people who consider exams a pathway to the next level of life. Online exams might be a pitfall for many students who fail to understand the basic guidelines of how the exam should be handled.

These 3 steps below are among the basic hacks that should help you get the best grades in an online exam:

✔ Good organization: this is the key to successful text-taking. Waiting until the last minute is going to mess you up badly.

✔ Study in advance: this will help you avoid cramming concepts since you will better understand the topic, making it easier to understand the question no matter how twisted it might be.

✔ Check your computer before the exam begins: it is very discouraging to begin an online exam and your computer crashes. Since the timer is on, you could run out of time trying to fix it. Check your computer, and ensure it has power and a stable internet connection.

Other steps include;

  • Practicing good time management
  • Taking practical exams
  • Understanding the test guidelines
  • Finding a good spot for the exam.

Even so, many students approach us with different queries regarding online exams. With more than 15 years of experience as live exam helpers, we offer great online exam solutions for our students. We will be more than honored to be your next dream-come-true alternative in helping you with online exams.

4 Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Live Exam Helper

Which Is the Easiest Way of Passing an Online Exam?

There are absolutely no shortcuts to passing an exam. You need to put in more effort concerning practicing and proper preparation.

It would help if you also rested to allow the mind to digest and recharge from a busy schedule, whether in school or when dealing with a part-time job.

Avoid cramming. Take time to understand the concept a few days before the exam to avoid the last-minute rush. If you are unprepared for an upcoming online exam, we can help you sit for it with guaranteed best grades. Our team is always available to ensure you get all the needed help.

How Much Does It Cost For An Online Exam?

The cost for an online exam will depend on the type of exam you want us to handle. It goes without saying that an exam that seems a bit complex will require extra research, so it could be a little costly compared to one that is straight to the point.

Our packages are affordable, keeping in mind that we are handling students who are only looking for better ways to get away from the hassle of a busy schedule.

How Qualified Is The Team Handling My Exam?

This is a highly experienced team, with most of them having graduated with PhDs from recognized universities worldwide. Over 3,000 subject matter experts operate on a 24-hour system to ensure that every client is handled immediately. If you are busy with work or caught up with an urgent issue that prevents you from sitting for an online exam, we are here to help you ace your exam by doing it for you.

Our professional live exam helpers are hired carefully with much consideration in their fields of study and performance. We also verify their competence through a training program to ensure we bring out a qualified team.

How Do You Conduct An Online Test?

It’s very important to know the type of exam you will sit for. If it is live proctored, record-and-view proctored, or fully automated. We then choose a suitable software solution to help organize exams more efficiently and effectively.

Our team then moves the student registration process and the examination itself. With a proctored exam, you will have to pay a professional exam helper from our team to get your proctored exam solved. Just connect with us and let us do the rest for you.

Concluding Text

Becoming an academic perfectionist is way easier than most people might think. This does not mean you won’t make mistakes during your academic journey. You will make them but not as deliberate as someone who ignores every detail. This blog has highlighted ways you can become a successful academic perfectionist and has listed some downfalls you might want to scrutinize yourself. Examining yourself this way will allow you to identify your areas of weakness and find suitable ways to handle each area. Our platform has also provided a great opportunity to get the best grades and succeed in your academic journey. You can always check the reviews provided by our esteemed customers for your reference. Contact us today for more information.

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