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7 Tips on How to Pass Your Computer Science Exam

Writing computer science exams can be a challenge for a majority of students. This is because as a course, computer science requires mastery of various key concepts. It is also a wide area of study that heavily borrows from other disciplines like mathematics. This, therefore, means for you to perform well in the computer science exam, you must have a revision strategy to guide you and help avoid fatigue along the way. This article is aimed at discussing what you as a computer science student should do before and during the computer exam to ensure you score highly. Before the exam:

Find out the scope of the computer science exam

The majority of computer science exams test specific topics. This though does not mean that other topics cannot be tested in a computer science exam. Identify the topics frequently tested in previous exams and that should help you in coming up with a revision strategy. More time should be allocated to the areas frequently tested; polishing should also be done on the less tested areas just in case the lecturer shifts and tests these topics in the computer science exam.

Revise thoroughly and in time for your computing exam

Adequate Preparation for a computer science exam is what distinguishes students who pass from those who fail in their final test. When revising make sure you start your revision early enough since waiting until the last minute will not be effective. Last-minute revision for a computer science exam gives you panic leading to cramming of key concepts hence disorienting you. Identify weak areas say in computer programming and develop a plan to revise for the same. In areas that you cannot comprehend on your own consult your computer science lecturer for guidance. Various computer science revision materials should also be used. These may include; computer science-related videos say in programming or even database management, alternative computer science books and journals from the library and lectures given in class by your lecturers or in forums by other well-versed computer science professors.
When revising make sure also to find out what previous computer science students tackled in their final exams. This can be achieved by revising and practising through previous computer science exams. This gives you an idea of what also to expect in your computer science exam and be well prepared in handling the same. When tackling the previous set of questions make sure to complete them within the stipulated time. Past computer science exam questions help you familiarize yourself with how computer science questions are set in an exam set up, this helps boost your morale and also identify areas that require attention in your revision.

Acquire theoretical and practical computer skills

Computer science is a diverse course which encompasses both practical and theoretical aspects. Therefore, you developing theoretical skills can boost your grades in a computer science exam. You can also avail exam help to help increase your grades. These skills can be gotten by reading widely on computer science literature and also watching videos on new ideas in computer science designs. When studying for computer science exams areas such as algorithms, theory of computation, information theory, and automation may require you to have more theoretical skills to effectively tackle them.
On the other hand, practical computer skills are paramount if you intend to pass your computer science exam. These are skills you acquire from the computer science course itself but they require extra effort to develop on your own. For instance, Computer programming requires you to learn a programming language say java or python. You are then to perfect by practising the language by creating programs using the said language. Computer science is an interdisciplinary course that may also require you to learn and perfect your mathematical skills. This will be key in handling a majority of the computer science questions in your exams. Therefore, practice is key in developing these skills.

Form study groups to revise for your computer science exam

Revising for a computer science exam on your own can be a tedious and frustrating affair. It is therefore advisable to have a study group of like-minded friends to make studying more fun and enjoyable. Discussing computer science questions with your coursemates in groups helps you test how you understand a particular concept in computer science. This is so because as you explain a particular concept in the group, the same becomes clearer even to you and hence helps internalise the said concept. You also get to learn tactics used by your friends when revising and handling computer science exams. Do not adopt everything said or done in the group but find only that which works for you. Groups are meant to help reduce the monotony of studying on your own hence preventing burnout that may result from vigorous studying for computer science exams.
After studying, preparing and revising for the computer science exams using the above well thought tips, The computer science exam is finally given. During taking the actual computer science exam, you need to;

Read over the entire computer science exam

After you receive the computer science question sheet in the exam room, make sure to read through all the questions. Reading all the questions gives you an overview of what is expected of you in the computer science exam. Do not rush to write your answers before you completely understand what is expected of you. Ensure that you read the questions at least twice. If the computer science exam is divided into different sections, check what is expected in each question and the number of questions you should answer in that section. Then mark the questions that you understand in that particular section.

Tackle the easier computer science questions first.

After going through the entire computer science exam, choose the questions that seem easier to start with. The easier questions in a computer science exam help you manage time. This way, you will have more time to think about the other questions that require more time and skill to handle. Also, in case of time runs out on you in the computer science exam, you will have answered all the questions that can give you enough points to pass your computer science test. Starting with easier questions also boosts your morale since it makes the exam appear easy to handle. If time runs out and you haven't handled the easy questions in your test then you stand to lose marks from the easy questions you have not tackled and also from the tougher questions you will be struggling with, hence it will be a double tragedy.

Avoid common mistakes in a computer science test.

Many computer science students lose marks not because they do not have the right answers but rather because of many common and avoidable errors. At times you may forget to read and understand the computer science questions set and hence you end up answering half of the question. Failing to read the instructions may also lead to you answering too many or too few computer science questions in the said exam. A common mistake in a computer science exam may also result when you incorrectly number your answers, meaning that the question does not match the answer. In such a case, some tutors may not be forgiving and therefore you end up losing many points. It, therefore, pays to be keen when handling your computer science exam. Make sure to identify the mistakes and correct them on time. To achieve this check carefully through your answer sheet and confirm that you have answered the maximum number of questions required for each question. If you have enough time, go through each computer science question asked and the solution you have crafted. Proofreading your answers is important because it helps you correct errors and adds missing words hence helping avoid losing marks due to careless mistakes.


With the above well-discussed points, passing a computer science exam should not be hard for you going forward. Key to remember however when in a computer science exam room, always consider that time is of the essence hence do not dwell too much on one question.

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