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Benefits of Online Proctored Exams to Students

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Most students globally learned about online exams in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Most of them had never taken an online proctored exam before. Privacy became a major concern for most students as they expressed discomfort with being supervised online during exams. Over time online proctored has become popular, and most students are now comfortable taking online exams. This article will look at the benefits of online proctored exams to students.

You can schedule and take exams anytime.

Many students combine school with many other activities such as work, which is why having a flexible exam schedule is very important. Unlike the traditional examination method, where students have to sit for an exam at a specified time, online proctoring helps bring flexibility. In online proctoring, you do not have to schedule exam time in advance. Moreover, if other activities arise, you can change the time you plan for the exam. It gives you the flexibility you need since an exam window can be a week or more. During that period, you can do the exam any time, even at 1 am in the morning.

Proctored exams have become less invasive.

In the earlier days of proctored exams, proctors were always available to supervise online exams, which is why students found it invasive. However, you currently proctored do not have to be on video watching your activities while doing your exam. Presently the use of AI as well as recorded videos has made it easy to do an exam at any time. There is an AI proctoring software that monitors students during exams. The AI software will notify the proctor if you leave the camera during the exam. Note that this does not have to be a cheating issue; you could need help, which is why the proctor is notified. After you complete the exam, the proctor receives a report, and they can then decide if you violated the exam rules or not.

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Exams are accessible to all.

Online proctoring has made exams accessible to all. Your location does not matter; you can schedule an exam anytime, even when traveling. When you feel ready to do your exam, you can always do it during the exam period. Proctoring does not limit students from specific regions. As long as you have the software your university is recommending and you have access to the internet, you are good to go with your exams.

Your privacy is always guaranteed.

Most of the AI platforms universities use to ensure that student privacy is key. This means that you will never have to worry about your data. Your information is only used at the university by the right team. Note that these platforms are personalized for internal use at the university, and therefore you should never worry about your personal information. Note that this software does not monitor your network and does not use facial recognition, fingerprints, or voiceprints. It strictly supervises the exam to ensure that there is integrity. Therefore, you are guaranteed privacy in online proctored exams.

Use of computers rather than pen and paper

In recent days, students are more experienced in using technology such as the use of computers rather than the use of pen and paper. Giving many students pen and paper makes them slower. Through online proctoring, students do their exams on the computer, which is a huge plus for most of them. Students using the methods they prefer most to sit their exams makes them more relaxed, boosting their performance.

Security and reliance

Online proctoring is more reliable and secure. Most universities use AI-based proctoring, making it almost impossible to cheat in an exam. If an unfair practice is suspected, the supervisor is immediately notified, which can lead to removal from the exam room. This means that all students get fair treatment during exams which is good since the grading will be fair. Getting fair results helps students work harder for their upcoming exams.

Easy to understand

Online proctoring does not give students a hard time. The software used for proctoring is easy to use and understand. You do not need training on how to use online proctoring. What is more, the universities provide the software to ensure that students have an easy time doing their exams. The only thing that every university will ask you is to prove your identity. This can be done by sharing a photo of you with your school ID, and then a quick room scan is done on the room you are taking your exam in to ensure that there are no books or other learning materials there. With the few steps done, you start your exam.

Support is always available.

It is very rare for the software offering online proctoring to fail. However, if it fails, they all have support. Online proctoring is to give students comfort while doing their exams, not technical difficulties. What is more, if you need to communicate with your supervisor, you can do it without any challenges. Before an exam is administered, all the systems are checked to ensure they are perfect. However, note that there are issues that this software cannot help you with, such as power issues. Therefore, ensure you have enough power to run you through your exam without interruptions.

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Online proctoring is very beneficial to students because it is flexible and easy to use. In the earlier phase, many privacy infringement complaints seem to have been dealt with. Online proctoring is meant to improve student experience when doing their exams. Since one does not have to attend classes physically and there is no fixed time to do an exam, students have more time to prepare for their exams while still dealing with other things. Online proctoring is one of the best things that has happened to learn, which is why it benefits all students.

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