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How to Cheat In an Online Proctored Exam?

Education has changed, and most of the things about it has changed. Schools are now opting for online teaching and administering exams. Students are always looking for different ways to cheat in an online proctored exam. With this exam being administered on Zoom, Skype and other online platforms, students are quickly looking for ways to get top grades in their exams through cheating. There are different ways you can use to cheat in an online exam. They include the use of another electrical tool that can help you search for the answers to the questions, sharing screenshots with another person to help you answer the questions, hacking the answers, among many others. The most important thing is to score the best grades in your exam. If you are having a hard time with your exams, you can reach out to us for assistance instead of trying different methods, which may take most of your time.

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How to Cheat In an Online Exam on Zoom?

Many institutions are now embracing online learning, which includes administering exams online. Many students have taken advantage of these online exams to cheat to score the best grades in their exams. Many institutions are aware of this vice and are using different methods to try and stop it. Such methods include using zoom to supervise the exams. However, many students have gone ahead to look for different ways to heat online exams on zoom. Some of the methods students are using and can use in cheating on their online exams on zoom include;

  1. Impersonation - Impersonation is hiring someone to pretend to be you and do your exam. Before starting the exams, the student's hand in the logins of their exam site to the impersonator. However, some institutions are applying advanced technology such as face recognition. In such a case, students opt to use virtual machines to offer remote access to the person doing the exam for them.
  2. Using another electronic tool – In an online exam on zoom, you can use another tool such as a smartphone, tablet, and another monitor, among others.
  3. Screen sharing sending of screenshots – This is one of the easiest ways to cheat in an online exam on zoom. You can opt to share your screen with the person doing the exam for you. There is an option of taking pictures of the same and sharing them with that person and then answering the questions.
  4. Using the old school method – The old school method is where you see the answers, pretend to have a technical issue such as network issues and then check the answers. This method is, however, risky. The methods mentioned above are better than this method.

If you have an online exam giving you a sleepless night and you are not prepared for it, contact us for immediate assistance. Our exam writers and always ready and available to give you a helping hand. By contacting us, you will have your online exam completed within the stated time and with all the questions perfectly answered. Get the best grades by reaching out to us to do your online exams for you.

How to Cheat In an Online Exam on Google Meet?

Google Meet is a popular online app that instructors can use to supervise online exams. Many universities are now using Google Meet during the administering of exams. Students, however, have developed different ways in which they can cheat on Google Meet. Google Meet is designed for meetings, and therefore, it only allows instructors to view student movements through a camera. Therefore, students are using this weakness in Google Meet for their advantage. Here are some ways in which students are cheating in online exams on Google Meet;

  • Switching of tabs – Google meet will not detect when you switch tabs unless you have shared your screen with the instructor supervising you. Therefore, if you have not shared your screen, you can switch tabs and Google whatever you want regarding your exam. In such a case, you must ensure that they do not monitor the movement of your camera.
  • Using another machine – When your exam is being monitored through Google Meet, you can opt to use another screen if you want to confirm some of your answers. It’s very hard for the instructor to notice when using another gadget.
  • Having someone to assist you in answering the questions – You can have someone answer the questions remotely and then pass the answers to you. This is a very popular method since many experts are waiting to help you answer your exam questions. This can be achieved through screenshots or even sharing your screen with the person doing the exam for you.

There are many other methods you can choose to cheat in an exam on Google Meet. However, if you have a hard time completing your challenging exam, contact us for help. We have professionals who have mastered the art of helping students complete their online exams.

How to Cheat In an Online Exam on Microsoft Teams?

The popularity of Microsoft teams is growing day by day among learning institutions. Institutions are using this platform to administer online exams. However, many students have been wondering whether cheating in an online exam on Microsoft teams is possible. As much as Microsoft teams have advanced features, there are many ways students can use to cheat on Microsoft teams. Some of them include;

  • Use of screenshots – Microsoft teams do not detect anything outside the team’s window. This is because it does not have anti-cheating options. It’s an app that monitors people through video. Therefore, when to take a screenshot, your supervisor will not notice that. Therefore, you can take screenshots of your exam and then send them to the person doing the exam for you.
  • Use of direct messaging apps – Microsoft teams will not detect messages sent from direct messaging apps. Therefore you can use them to contact the expert working on your exam without your supervisor noticing. However, it is important to note that if you have installed anti-cheating software, they can detect it. Therefore, if you have to use a direct messaging app, ensure that you do not have anti-cheating software in your platform.
  • Using another gadget – You can use another gadget to search for the answers to the questions you are working on. There is no way your supervisor will notice when you use another gadget. However, if you are on video, you must ensure that the extra gadget is not visible.
  • Reading the questions to someone – If all you have done is share your screen, you can read the questions to someone. However, when doing that, ensure that the mic is off. Your supervisor will easily notice if you read the questions when the mic is on.

If you are doing your exam on Microsoft teams and you need assistance. Reach out to us for immediate help. We cover exams of all subjects, and therefore we will ensure that you get your grades of choice.

Can Online Tests Detect Cheating?

Online tests can detect cheating when students violate their academic integrity. They use different methods to detect cheats, such as the use of cameras, proctoring software, and IP monitoring. It's important to note that online tests can't detect if someone has cheated if students do it smartly without proctoring. Some of the ways students cheat in exams, such as the switching of tabs, will easily be detected if online tests are proctored. There are different ways online tests detect cheating. This includes;

  1. Using proctoring software – This is a very effective way used to detect online test cheats. Different proctoring software, such as Mettl, is installed on the student's computer. Such software acts as the student's browser and locks the computer. It can also activate other surveillance methods such as microphones and webcams.
  2. Monitoring Microphones and Webcams - As stated above, proctoring enables the activation of microphones and webcams in the student's computer. The webcam monitors any suspicious activities by the student during the exams. This ensures that the students can concentrate on the exam throughout exam time.
  3. Screen monitor and recording – Online tests are important when detecting what the student is doing during the exams. It enables the activation of the screen monitor and recording the screen activities during the exam. This includes switching of tabs and access to Google. Online tests through proctoring enable the restriction of the student activities on the computer during the exams. Note that it enables detailed monitoring such as keyboard clicks and mouse movement. This is a great way to help detect the different methods students are using to cheat on exams.

Can I Cheat and Get Good Marks on My Online Quiz?

Yes, you can cheat and get good marks on your online quiz. However, it is important to note that you have to do it intelligently if you have to cheat. There are students who cheat and end up having their quizzes cancelled and having disciplinary cases. Cheating has become common in learning institutions, and therefore colleges and other institutions are using every way to ensure that they stop it. If you have to cheat to score better grades, ensure that you do not copy word for word for the answers. This is because your instructor will notice plagiarism detection software and automatically cancel your exam. Note that someone can't answer a quiz word for word as provided on the internet. If you do not clearly understand the answers to your online quiz, you can hire a professional to help you answer your questions. Many professionals are ready and available to answer your questions according to the instructions. However, you must note that many experts will not answer your questions from scratch, and therefore, you can cheat and still get poor grades having to spend money on the same. Therefore, if you hire someone to do your quiz, ensure that it’s someone with knowledge in that subject matter. Contact us if you are looking for a professional to complete your quiz. We will ensure that your quiz is done according to the instructions, and we will do it from scratch. We have professionals experienced in every topic. Therefore, reach out to us and complete your upcoming quiz by a professional.

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I Got Reliable Help From This Platform On My Managerial Accounting Online Exam
I find it very hard to trust any online exam help services after a friend was disappointed by one of them. But what I got from this platform is different. They assured me of a refund if I didn’t get the required grades. That was when I knew I could trust them with my managerial accounting exam.
Assignment Topic: Managerial Accounting
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Flag of United States country
Richard Lewis, United States
1st Nov 2022
I Trusted A Professional To Take My Science Online Exam
This is the first online exam help website that I’ve ever trusted with my exam. This comes after a friend was caught cheating in a chemistry exam and was given an immediate discontinuation. I had to be cautious not to get caught. I read these reviews and thought of writing them back to help someone. This is the best platform.
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Completed by: Thelma Seymour
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James Clark, United Kingdom
6th Nov 2022
My Quick Test On Finance Was Incomplete
I am a little dissatisfied with how my quick finance test was handled. I specifically inquired from the agent I spoke to on the homepage to link me to a finance enthusiast. However, the test began well, but we ran out of time; the expert was very slow. Nevertheless, I managed an A in finance, which had never happened before.
Assignment Topic: Finance
Completed by: Gerald Center
Delivered on time
Quality of the work
Price for the work

Flag of United Arab Emirates country
Reuben Carico, United Arab Emirates
9th Nov 2022
Thank You For Completing My MatLab Exam
I express gratitude for taking time out of my busy schedule to prepare for my MatLab end-term exam. This has never been my easy shot, but I’ve always scored good grades since I met you. I want to thank you and wish you continue helping me until I finish my course.
Assignment Topic: MatLab
Completed by: Bruce Martinez
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Flag of Australia country
Judy Wynn, Australia
14th Nov 2022

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