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Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions about any aspect of our service can be answered in this section. This section is supposed to inform you of our service and guide you when using our site. You will get directions on how to place your order, what we will deliver, the timelines for delivery, and how much you will pay.

Yes, we can. Our experts are educated and experienced, capable of handling even proctored heat and mass transfer exams. We can professionally deliver quality solutions to your exams, even on lockdown browsers. Hiring us to take your test guarantees you an A every single time. We go over and above for our clients and always deliver on time.
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There is no standard price payable for the exams on heat and mass transfer that we do. However, the main thing is that we charge very affordable prices. Based on the exam's complexity and due date, we will craft an affordable quote for you. We also offer discounts to all students and will not overcharge you.
The process is very simple. You start by submitting your order using the form on our homepage. You can also do so via email. Ensure you include your name, exam due date and time, and time zone. Next, pay for your order on our payment page. Ensure this is done fully and upfront before we start working on your exam.